Important Note: It is a fact that SHORT NOTICE travel plans are conducive to improved availability for good options in securing award point tickets. What occurs is the airlines inventory control departments hold back on releasing the award seats until it becomes apparent the Business and First Class cabins are going to go out empty. When an airplanes wheels go up – that is it – any empty seat served no value to the airline. The truth is award points inventory availability are at there best in securing Business and First Class seats on a SHORT NOTICE basis.


There are some additional market factors that may influence considering award points to secure a SHORT NOTICE Business Class ticket. The general practice airlines employ for their pricing structure for Economy Class travel is influenced by the advance purchase requirements. The longer in advance economy ticket are purchased, the cheaper the fare that is offered by the air carriers. Those sometime extraordinary low economy fares advertised by airlines are NOT designed for last-minute travel plans – actually the reality is the economy class tickets can become quite expensive on a short notice basis.

It should be noted that for all the rave reviews given by Mileage Exchange to the upgraded Business and First Class cabins realized over the last decade, the Economy Class amenities and services have only become more abysmal and an uncomfortable travel experience.

What a traveler should research is exactly what will be the cost for Economy Class SHORT NOTICE itineraries. There is a very reasonable possibility that the price point quoted may well be in the close proximity to purchasing an award points Business Class ticket. Or at the least, be close enough to represent an acceptable comfort level justifying exploring a Business Class option for a small additional cost to realize the upgraded amenities and services provided in today’s international travel market. How much is it worth to fly Business Class versus Economy Class?


The truth is award points are at there best in securing First Class seats on a SHORT NOTICE basis. For example, it is the STATED POLICY of Lufthansa to NOT release First Class award inventory until two weeks prior to departure. With the limited number of seats in the First Class cabins, the airlines strategy and logic is to wait until the last possible minute in hopes of selling the seats for the exorbitant published fares. However, at some point the inventory control departments have history and current seat availability data to evaluate that clearly indicate the seats will not be sold. Placing the First Class seat into the award program inventory at this stage makes sense as it serves no purpose to have the seat go empty upon departure.