If you have your own award points but have been unsuccessful in being able to secure confirmed reservations EVERY TIME you try to utilize your points – let us do it for you. We know what it takes to be successful. For a very reasonable fee we will do the tedious work for you, even if it involves daily efforts to finally secure the desired confirmed reservation.

We at Mileage Exchange can genuinely convey empathy for program members who just can not seem to ever find a way to utilize their accumulated points. Unfortunately, this reality is far to common and it does not repeatedly occur by accident. It is a foundation to the overall strategy when the various airlines designed the award programs – promise the moon and stars to capture your attention and participation – only to make it as difficult as possible to actually realize the benefits advertised. I.e. – like securing Business and/or First Class confirmed seats to exotic destinations highlighted in the marketing material. Not to mention the practice by award programs implementing periodic “devaluations” – unilaterally changing the amount of points required to redeem the desired travel benefits (i.e. American AAdvantage upping RT international First Class to Asia 2 from 135,000 points to a whopping 220,000, a 63% increase).

The Mileage Exchange staff have decades of experience dealing with the difficulty in securing award program reservations. There are tricks – there are processes – there are back doors. However, mostly there is just good old hard work involving patience and tenacity pursuing a travel itinerary over days – weeks – even months if that is what it takes. For this service Mileage Exchange charges a $200 fee collected only after the reservations have been confirmed and the tickets issued by the airline award program using your account points.

This is NOT a service you would commission if it was easy to just access the program yourself and book and confirm your desired itinerary. You have tried without success (likely many times), and understand the value realized if you could finally find a way to use those points for your own travel plans. You appreciate your time is valuable. You accept others may have experience and methods that can increase the opportunity for success. This service has value that can be retained for a reasonable fee of $200 per ticket that is only paid upon the issuance of your award tickets using your own program points.