The luxury amenities offered by the major air carriers when flying First Class today have truly become something to behold. However, the unavoidable elephant in the room… IT IS EXPENSIVE! The job offered by Mileage Exchange is to broker award points to obtain seats traveling in international First Class cabins at a price point that comes with less of a sting.

Singapore Airlines First Class – A380

Once again, it is not Mileage Exchange’s intent to over promise, making clams to deliver a product at a cost that simply doesn’t exist. Using award points, international First Class tickets with major carriers will cost in a price range of $4,000.00 to $6,000.00. These award tickets are offered for the premium First Class services and amenities offered by Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airlines, EVA Air, Asiana, Air France, Korean Air, and Qantas to name recognized quality options. Although NOT inexpensive, this price point is specifically targeted to the experienced, knowledgeable and discriminate buyer of luxury travel that is provided in the First Class cabins who can appreciate the value. It is not for everyone, but for those that can afford such extravagance and appreciate the value in comparison to the ridiculous published fares offered by the airlines. The regular published fares start at $8,000.00 and can top out at $20,000.00. Award points are an option that can be a true bargain saving THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.


Important Note: It is a fact that SHORT NOTICE availability is a good option for award points. What occurs is the airlines inventory control departments hold back on releasing the award seats until it becomes apparent the Business and First Class cabins are going to go out empty. When the wheels go up – that is it, that empty seat served no value.

The truth is award points are at there best in securing Business and First Class seats on a SHORT NOTICE basis. For example, it is the STATED POLICY of Lufthansa to NOT release First Class award inventory until two weeks prior to departure. With the limited number of seats in the First Class cabins, the airlines strategy and logic is to wait until the last possible minute in hopes of selling the seats for the exorbitant published fares. However, at some point the inventory control departments have history and current seat availability data that clearly indicate the seat will not be sold. Placing the First Class seat into the award program inventory at this stage makes sense as it serves no purpose to have the seat go empty upon departure.

Etihad Airways First Class – LAX / AUH


Real world examples (ME encourages the reader to fact check the price points quoted with a third party – i.e.

Award Tickets to Asia – RT @ $4800.00** versus:

Award Tickets to Australia – RT @ $4800.00** versus:

  • LAX / Sydney RT non-stop Qantas (A380) published fare – $20,800.00

Award Tickets to India – RT @ $4800.00** versus:

Award Tickets for exclusive routes – RT @ $5000.00 – $6,000.00** versus:

** Plus international travel taxes which vary.


It is an unfortunate fact that securing the award points seats can be difficult due to the inventory controls imposed by ALL the airlines. To combat this reality, the Mileage Exchange staff commits to pursuing the release of award inventory that may involve weeks of efforts checking with the various programs for seats being released by the inventory control departments. However, many times the seats will just not be made available. Even though many times seats will be released into the First Class inventory, it does not occur until it is close to the actual departure date (i.e. this is the STATED policy of Lufthansa which offers a nice First Class product). It is understandable that many travelers want to have their plans locked down ASAP with secured itinerary confirmations.

Consolidators purchase tickets directly from the airlines at specially negotiated rates, and then resell them to travel agents and brokers for prices lower than published fares. The the best discounts on international tickets for First and Business Class travel.

As with airline sale fares, these lower prices often carry more restrictions. When you purchase through a consolidator, you may not be eligible for frequent flyer miles or advance seat selection, and you won’t have much flexibility to make changes to your itinerary without paying significant change fees. But these restrictions may be worth it in exchange for a significant savings for the high prices when purchasing the air carriers published fares in Business and First Class.

Mileage Exchange is motivated to search a consolidator ticket option to meet your travel request when an award ticket itinerary can not be secured. We have decades of experience and deal with established professionals in this niche of the travel industry.


Mileage Exchange has picked selected videos that provide reviews of international air carriers First Class cabins and services.