The goal of Mileage Exchange is to provide reliable and professional services that take into account the unique objectives of the travel buyer and the points seller. With years of experience to draw upon to efficiently and competently navigate the various award programs, the staff of Mileage Exchange works to achieve a win-win-win scenario for all parties. The simple fact, getting the best usage of the award programs is NOT easy. They are designed as a brand marketing scheme promising the moon and the stars – all the while making it exceedingly difficult to actually realize the promised prizes.

Mileage Exchange deals with the award program reality with good old fashion hard work – knowledge – experience and tenacity. Let us help you find a meaningful solution whether looking to travel Business or First Class, sell unused points just accumulating in an account, or let us work on securing award seat reservations redeeming your own points that actually meet YOUR schedule and travel needs (time is money – especially yours).

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International Business Class travel is a wonderful way to see the world. Especially when considering the exceedingly uncomfortable current state of the Economy Class cabins. Conversely, due to stiff competition among the major airlines to attract business and affluent travelers, the upgrades to the Business Class cabins over the last decade have been remarkable. It has become standard to have such features as easy aisles access, 180 degree flat-bed seats, special meal services, food service on par with a restaurant, and advanced entertainment options delivered with advanced equipment to name just a few of the available choices. The issue of course is a matter of cost – isn’t that always the case? The prices offered by the airlines for Business Class can be excessive. Depending on the destination and choice of carriers, award program tickets can offer savings from 25% to as much as 70% (really – 70% is possible). LEARN MORE

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Important Note: It is a fact that SHORT NOTICE availability is a good option for award points. What occurs is the airlines inventory control departments hold back on releasing the award seats until it becomes apparent the Business and First Class cabins are going to go out empty. When the wheels go up – that is it, that empty seat served no value. The truth is award points are at there best in securing Business and First Class seats on a SHORT NOTICE basis. Plus, as an extra bonus, the airlines charge MORE for economy seats as it gets closer to the departure date. To the point that an award point Business Class seat may be very compatible to the cost airlines are quoting for economy.

Short Notice Travel. Sometimes you just have to be there in person.


First Class air travel is EXPENSIVE – period! However, if you can afford to spoil yourself, this is an option worth consideration when using the award points. The airlines have made incredible improvements to their First Class cabins. The airline pricing for First Class travel will be received with understandable sticker shock. Exploring the possibility of traveling utilizing an award ticket can definitely remove some of the sting. LEARN MORE

Etihad Airways First Class. “If your budget allows for it, First Class international travel is a once in a lifetime experience.” Frank D. – Los Angeles / Dubai / Mumbai RT


International travel is generally viewed as an exciting adventure. A vacation? Having fun and exploring new destinations? For many it is NOT fun, it is a job with time passed with repeated mind numbing monotony. When given the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, the last thing true “road warriors” want to do is board another airplane. Also, when your job requires extensive travel, the points can accumulate to a level that you are not able to use them all for your own personal use. Not to mention the issue of actually being able to secure award seats during those limited time periods allowed by your vacation schedule.

Mileage Exchange offers an alternative, cash in those unused points and spoil yourself with something special – personal – useful. What is the point in having an account with some large balance accumulating into perpetuity, doing YOU no good? Who actually benefits from this situation? Answer: the airlines themselves who devised this self-serving scenario. The basic scheme is an old one, promise the moon and the stars on the front-end, build in ever increasing barriers to stymie being able to actually realize the “award” on the back-end with basic bait and switch stratagems. Offer window dressings distractions like – Gold member – Platinum member – SPECIAL ELITE member – anything to keep you engaged while NOT being able to collect the promised result for your participation. Such tactics have been very successful – for the airlines! It is your turn to cash in for your commitment to the programs. LEARN MORE

Cash out those unused points that only sit in an account doing nothing for YOU.


If you have your own award points but have been unsuccessful in being able to secure confirmed reservations EVERY TIME you try to utilize your points – let us do it for you. We know what it takes to be successful. For a very reasonable fee we will do the tedious work for you, even if it involves daily efforts to finally secure the desired confirmed reservation. LEARN MORE

Generally – do you really have the time, patience and tenacity to secure award ticket reservations? It is NOT a fun endeavor. Let us do the dirty work for you.

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